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Attorney Carena Lemons and Kamilla "Kacy" Spain
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About Lemons Law

The Lemons Law Firm, PLLC, focuses on providing solutions for employment and business law concerns as well as for entertainment law matters. Attorney Carena Lemons’ multifaceted approach is to ask questions, educate, inform and advocate. She brings innovative perspectives to her legal advocacy and fresh energy to negotiation and litigation.

Serving clients in North Carolina since 2002, Ms. Lemons has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. When attorney Lemons is not practicing law, she enjoys spending time with her family, ministering at her church and acting in films.

Read more about Ms. Lemons’ professional background by following the link here:

Read more about Kamillia “Kacy” Spain, paralegal, at this link.

Serving With Attentiveness, Integrity And Compassion

At Lemons Law, Ms. Lemons has built a reputation for her integrity, compassion and personal touch. She provides legal counsel to individuals, businesses, artists, creatives and others. You can rely on her for:

  • Contract drafting
  • Contract negotiating
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Helping employees in disputes with their employer
  • Helping small-business owners in handling issues with their employees
  • Aggressive personal injury representation

Working with the right attorney can restore your hope for a brighter future.

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Don’t let your challenges overwhelm you. Every experience, good or bad, is an opportunity to learn. At Lemons Law, attorney Carena Lemons believes you deserve fair and equal representation. She will provide that for you. Learn how she can help you efficiently resolve your legal problem. Reach out at 919-679-5224 or send an mail us to schedule a consultation.